Ortom Shuns Idoma in key Appointments

The people of Idoma speaking area of Benue State are beginning to regret ‘wasting’ their votes on Governor Samuel Ortom during the April 11 governorship election.

In fact, some key players in the area have insisted that the zone has been completely expunged from the scheme of things in the state following the continuous dominance of Tivs in government offices in the state.
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20 thoughts on “Ortom Shuns Idoma in key Appointments”

    1. Let us expect the best.

      All people will benefit, beginning now and throughout this tenure.

      Hope and pray for our leaders please.

  1. Negative and false. Someone from Zone C is among the three key positions Ortom appointed into.

    Stop such negative comments forthwith

  2. They are even fortunate for the deputy positn. Left i alone, even the posts of chairmen and chancelors in zone C be given to the Tiv’s

  3. Ortom should know that not all idoma(zone c) are PDP members.stop marginalising and discriminating. We hope for change & just change but positive change. Without Idoma benue is not complete.

  4. In fact idoma people shuld not have a say to wht have just happen, because the political calculation is,base on apointments is centred at whom voted massively for who! so idoma shuld nt complain, the did nt vote for ortom, insteed they voted for david mark and his party. so let them give u the idoma’s key apointments.

  5. u are ingrats. How has d recruitments in benue into civil service, military and para military being goin on for d past yrs? Wher the idomas do ocupy 98 percent of the jobs leaving 2 percent to be shard btw Tiv and Igede. Infact u are even fortunate, if were the govnr, i wil apoint only Tiv as cartaker comite chairmen of all the LG in idoma land.
    U pple votd pdp not apc. Let david mark giv u key and padluk apointments, he is the one u votd for.

  6. Mr governor sir,we are very grateful dat u ar elected as d governor of Benue state. sir, remember us we members of sure-p under d Edu.scheme,sir, we are still working and there is no payment made,sir do something pls.

  7. This issue here now is about building a better benue not about selfish interest as you people of idoma are assuming it. I want to inform you that your assumption is wrong and can’t be in no way considered if we a having somebody from igede. Most you coloniz the whole of Benue, infact NIGERIA at all before you will be satisfied?. Pls stop this useless believe as we together manage to build of our dessastered home(benue) GOD blz you as you do.

  8. Good! Get ready 4 anoda cry. No comisina 4 idoma, no adviser, notin 4u dis time. Luk at the yesteday imigratn recruitment, out of 28 employd, 4 tiv and 24 idoma. Bt no tiv man has eva complaind. Ingrats!

  9. Ajieh emmanuel. ortom is nt a tru politician, apointin tiv sons into key offices in the state is pure poli tikin, we idoma ar disapointed

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