Ortom Extends #Benue Amnesty Program As Gana Surrenders Arms

[Benue News]
Following the declaration of amnesty programme for criminals in Benue State, a notorious armed gang leader, Mr. Terwase Agwaza, popularly known as Gana, who was alleged to be terrorising parts of the state, yesterday surrendered his weapons to Governor Samuel Ortom in Makurdi. Continue Reading


One thought on “Ortom Extends #Benue Amnesty Program As Gana Surrenders Arms”

  1. APC, governors, others join row over Buhari’s
    SGF, Oshiomhole, Okorocha, Oyegun: they’re on
    Ohanaeze urges Igbo to be calm
    CRITICS of President Muhammadu Buhari’s
    appointments yesterday got a reply – they are
    based on merit.
    The All Progressives Congress (APC) and some
    governors defended the appointments which have
    been criticised as sectional.
    The President’s men also denied that they were
    appointed based on sentiment, after three of them
    took the oath of office yesterday in Abuja.
    The Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Southeast’s leading socio-
    cultural group, urged the Igbo to remain calm.
    Governors Rochas Okorocha (Imo) and Adams
    Oshiomhole (Edo) said the appointments came
    strictly on merit.
    President Buhari swore in Secretary to the
    Government of the Federation (SGF) Mr. Babachir
    David Lawal, National Security Adviser (NSA) Gen.
    Babagana Monguno and Special Adviser on Media
    and Publicity Mr. Femi Adesina.
    Adesina was appointed on May 31. Monguno was
    appointed on July 13 and Lawal was appointed
    August 27.
    At the brief ceremony, Lawal, who spoke on behalf
    of others, said: “We want to thank God for granting
    President the vision, wisdom, kindness and
    boldness to consider us worthy for positions of
    “We got appointed into these positions, not
    because of our tribes or our faiths or our political
    “If it is such, I am sure none of us would have
    been considered worthy of these appointments. We
    appreciate the President and we appreciate God
    that he has blessed us with these privileged
    “It is a privilege to serve Nigerians in these
    capacities at this point in time. Nigeria is at the
    threshold of achieving greatness and it is our
    honour and privilege to be senior members of the
    team that will propel the country to this
    He told the President: “We have in you and the
    Vice President leaders that lead by example,
    leaders that are focused; whose goal is to build a
    Nigeria where there is liberty, security, economic
    prosperity and the rule of law.
    “We are grateful that we are part of the team to
    deliver this goal. Accept our assurances that by
    the grace of God, we will not fail you, we will not
    fail our country, we will not fail ourselves, our
    families and our friends. By the grace of God. We
    will strive at all times to serve our country and to
    serve you with excellence, hardwork and integrity.”
    APC National Chairman Chief John Odigie-Oyegun
    assured Nigerians that President Buhari is not
    unmindful of the principle of federal character in
    the appointments of public officers.
    He said the President will definitely balance
    appointments across all the geopolitical regions.
    Speaking when he received a delegation from MBO
    Dynamic Support Group, led by its national
    coordinator, Hon. Usman Ibrahim, the APC
    chairman urged Nigerians who are aggrieved by
    the appointments to remain calm and give the
    President the chance to balance his appointments.
    Odigie-Oyegun said there was a lot of fight back
    from the people who want to draw back the nation
    under the Buhari administration, adding: “There
    have been a lot of unfortunate misinformation and
    uproar against appointments at this stage. We
    have two sets of appointments that have been
    “One set is the personal privilege of Mr. President
    – as far as his personal staff are concerned. The
    other set has to do with a few important and
    strategic persons that are going to help him either
    in the fight against corruption or the fight against
    insurgency in the Northeast of our country, but this
    is not where to play the political balancing game.
    “These are serious and the President has the right
    to appoint those he has confidence in because
    these are the areas where he has made promises
    to Nigerians. But we have thousands of political
    appointments and he has just made a few
    appointments while thousands are still waiting.
    “The balancing must happen when the political
    appointments are being made but we must not at
    this particular point in time with the few
    appointments say that one must be from the North,
    one must be from South or from the East; not at
    this stage.
    “So, one must make that clear. Nobody, no leader
    can disadvantage any part of this nation, that will
    not happen.”
    On the anti-corruption battle, Odigie-Oyegun said:
    “If a particular group has ruled for 16 years, then
    who is guilty of corruption? And all the fight,
    witch-hunt are neither here no there.
    “What is important is that everybody who has a
    skeleton in his cupboard has something to fear; if
    you do not have any skeleton in the cupboard you
    go to sleep and sleep very sound but of course if
    you have, you will pretend and try to divert
    Ohanaeze Ndigbo yesterday urged Ndigbo in
    Nigeria and in the diaspora to avoid any
    confrontation with the government.
    Ohanaeze Ndigbo Secretary-General Dr. Joe
    Nwaorgu, told reporters in Enugu that the best
    option “especially in view of the present
    circumstance of skewed pattern of appointments
    by President Buhari, which has completely
    excluded Ndigbo from key strategic positions in the
    Federal Government is to remain calm and watch
    events as they unfold.”
    Okorocha said the President’s decision was in the
    nation’s best interest.
    He said the President had the right to appoint
    anyone from any part of the country and that no
    one could dictate to him who to appoint.
    “Most of the appointments the President has so far
    made are like his personal staff. I don’t think the
    Southeast will ever be forgotten in this
    administration. We will get our due. He has the
    right to make appointments that will make him
    succeed and nobody should dictate to him who to
    appoint or who he should not appoint,” Okorocha
    said, adding:
    “What I can only do is to continue to appeal to the
    President to consider the Southeast in his
    appointments. And as far as I am concerned, the
    President has executed what the office empowers
    him to do, and it is believed that he did that in the
    best interest of the nation.
    “In fact, if you ask me, I would say we should be
    more interested in the projects coming down to the
    Southeast, and as much as we can get. The
    projects will bring about development of the
    Southeast. There is no cause for alarm. It is too
    early in the day to begin to judge Buhari’s
    intention. I think he means well. Let us give him a
    chance. Nigeria is one nation. A nation for all of
    us. We must start thinking about the nation rather
    than thinking about sentiment of where we come
    “Although the Southeast had expected so much,
    we believe all will be well with the Buhari
    presidency and for the development of the
    Southeast. It is wrong for some people to begin to
    use the issue to incite the people of the Southeast
    against the President. The government is about to
    celebrate its 100 days and the appointments are
    just beginning to come and, by and large, the
    Southeast will get its due.
    “The point is that we cannot begin to judge
    President Buhari with the appointments so far
    made. We cannot obviously use it to judge his
    intention. I think he means well for the nation and
    with every geo-political zone inclusive. So let us
    give him a chance.”
    Oshiomhole said Nigerians should praise Buhari
    “for having the uncommon courage to take
    plausible decisions in the appointments”.
    He said the appointments were based on merits
    and not political sentiments or ethnic consideration
    as some tribal jingoists would want Nigerians to
    In a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary,
    Mr. Peter Okhiria, Oshiomhole said it was time to
    use the best hands to confront the peculiarity of
    the country’s problems and not descend to the
    level of geopolitical balancing.
    Oshiomhole noted that unusual methods should be
    used to solve an unusual problem and added that
    the level of decay required very seasoned hands
    and incorruptible Nigerians that would help to
    translate the APC agenda of change for the benefit
    of all Nigerians.
    “We must not reduce governance to political
    patronage of bread and butter. The Comrade
    Governor wishes them well in their new jobs of
    helping to sanitise a system that has become so
    rotten and corrupt as a result of manifest
    incompetence and mismanagement.
    “If we must make a huge difference in the lives of
    Nigerians, things must be done differently. We
    cannot continue to apply same template in the
    recruitment of persons and expect different results.
    The new appointees are Nigerians who have served
    the country in different capacities before now and
    deserved every bit of our cooperation and support
    to make them excel in their new jobs.”

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