Temper Justice With Mercy, Suswam Begs Ortom

Immediate past Governor of Benue State, Gabriel Suswam, has reached out to his successor, Samuel Ortom, to save him from the embarrassment of an indictment by the Judicial Commission and Administrative Panel of Inquiry. Continue Reading


4 thoughts on “Temper Justice With Mercy, Suswam Begs Ortom”

  1. We didn’t go to beg Ortom- Suswam
    Elder brother of former Governor of Benue State,
    Dr.Gabriel Suswam, Chief Terkura Suswam has
    said that last Friday’s meeting between his
    brother, and his successor, Samuel Ortom was
    centred on the growth and development of the
    Recall that former Governor Suswam and the
    incumbent Governor, Ortom, in company of
    Catholic Bishop of Katsina-Ala Diocese, Bishop
    Peter Adoboh, and chairman Ashitech
    conglomerate, Chief Terkula Suswam and a few
    others met behind closed doors for many hours
    last Friday at the Benue People’s House.
    Shortly after the meeting, rumour went viral that
    the former Governor had gone to beg the
    incumbent Governor, Ortom to stop the probe
    already instituted to investigate his
    administration by the Ortom led government.
    But in a swift reaction, Suswam’s elder brother
    who was at that meeting told newsmen in Makurdi
    yesterday that there was no basis for Suswam to
    beg anybody because he had done nothing wrong.
    “It would be stupid of anybody to imagine that
    Gabriel Suswam went to beg Ortom. On what
    basis? The whole of that meeting was centred on
    the growth and development of Benue State. What
    has Suswam done to warrant him begging Ortom?”
    Chief Terkura Suswam who noted that the meeting
    was convened at his instance maintained that the
    atmosphere was very humane and there was
    virtually nothing to warrant anybody begging the
    other at the meeting which he said lasted from
    11pm on Thursday till 4:30am on Friday.
    “There was no point in the meeting when Ortom
    begged Suswam to prevail on Tarzoor to step
    down his tribunal case against him and there was
    no point when Suswam begged not to be probed.”
    While noting that the incumbent Governor, Ortom
    means well and is doing everything possible to
    ensure the development of the State, Chief
    Suswam described the rumour as the figment of
    the imagination of the pedlars stressing that the
    meeting was premised on the need to build Benue
    “I am very ready to support Ortom to succeed
    because he is a brother and a friend. As an
    entrepreneur, I would support whoever is
    Governor of Benue because I believe that
    leadership comes from God. I will support Ortom
    so that business can thrive in Benue.”
    Speaking on the issue of security in the state,
    Chief Suswam who commended Governor Ortom
    for his amnesty programme and arms recovery
    initiative urged those in possession of arms to
    quickly surrender them for the common good of
    the Benue man.
    1st Class News.

  2. Suswan is best governor of Benue state, to me because him breaks the records and historical of Benue ,him give social and physical development ,moral education, and security conscious in Benue state ,so him right to bag nobody.

  3. Its important to state here categorical that Suswam was good just that he did not pay workers as expected.He again kept silence during fulani and tiv crisis.these were the things damage his administration.

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