Health Commissioner To Appear Before #Benue Assembly Over Poor #Health Services

(Benue News) Worried by the poor services rendered in public health institutions across Benue State, the House of Assembly has summoned the Commissioner of Health, Dr. (Mrs.) Cecilia Ojabo to appear before it on the 31st of this month for explanations. Continue Reading


2 thoughts on “Health Commissioner To Appear Before #Benue Assembly Over Poor #Health Services”

  1. What a contradiction! The Speaker BSHA Hon. Ikyange had commended the management of the BSUTH 4 rendering high quality health care services to the people of the State during a suprise visit to the institution. One wonders how the same Speaker will preside over allegations of poor quality services levelled agaiost the same apex health institution.. Isn’t there somthing wrong some where?

  2. On the other hand, the invitation of the Commissioner for health to BSHA will provide good opportunity 4 the people of the state to understand why & how it wil be possible 4 health care workers owed 14 months salary with a sack threat by the Gov. Ortom adminirtration to provide good quality health care services in our general hospitals whereas the sector is gross ly understaffed..

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