Don’t Sack The Helpless #Benue Staff – An Appeal To Benue State Governor Dr. Samuel Ortom

By Comr. Martin Iorsamber (M.Sc) FEntD, MICRM, ASM

The Secretary to the Benue State Government, Barr. Targema Takema last week released a statement which among other issues said Governor Samuel Ortom has cancelled ‘last minute recruitments’ in the state. While I am wondering what Gov. Ortom referred to as ‘last minute’ since government is a continual process, it is worthy to give my candid advice to the governor. Continue Reading


11 thoughts on “Don’t Sack The Helpless #Benue Staff – An Appeal To Benue State Governor Dr. Samuel Ortom”

  1. God bless u Martins. I am not a befitiary bt u spok all my mind. Infact, when I heard d debt of benue N9.5bn, I even thankd God dat the debt profile is even miga. Was expektin to hear nt less N50-N80bn.
    May Gods wisdn work tru de govnr nt to take wrng decitns dat wil cause d fingas dat put him der trow him out.

  2. If Ortom shld allow d last minute recruitment then Suswam shld be pardoned also. if d state has money to absorb illegal appointees,then let civil servants’arears be paid b4 at once. let justice prevail in benue state….deal squarely with corruption.

  3. The gov.earlier commented on this major issue b/4 suswam went ahead 2 call him a fool, just like he did during de primaries so,i think de gov. Is rt.

  4. This last minut rekrutment is notin else bt personal hatred on the ex-govenr. If we ar talkin of funds here, let d govnr do wht d kaduna st govnr has done by beatin dwn his allw by 50 percent and also sacrifin his security vote to curb d ugly situatn. There too d state is indeptd even ten times more dan benue’s debt. Govt is an ongoin process, ther is notin like last minute actin. Thats the reasn why u se abandond pr6jets all over simply bkus of personal hatret for d one dat starts d projets. May God help us.

  5. Out of every nonsence the is sence. Even if ex-gvnrs actin was wrng, der is meaning in it. Those were hopeless nw have hope now, dose were criminals hve dropd dia crinal acts, dose wit hi BP ar nw normal etc. Govnr ur decitn wil reverse all dese and may even take sme to dia early grave in which is nt ur intentn.
    Luk nt at d state of debt, depend and beliv God to make a way out. Ther is notin God cannot do.

  6. If Benue will drop party politics and focus on the developmental issues in the state I think Benue will be better. If the former party and the administration were good no one would have shouted for change. We were looking for someone who will clear off the mess in Benue not who will come and be complaining because everybody is awear that the past administration in Benue is one of the worst administrations in the entire Federation. Oga Ortom, pray for God’s grace and provisions to pilot the affairs of our dead Benue State.

  7. My fellow benue youth is tat hw & employment is done?is tis selection or wat?doz employ are only qualify rite?my fellow youths wat about d 2,4,7 yrs? Y a week 2 go wit worker epmty stomarch,slash down of wages yet zero 2 youth.otom go ahead

  8. Suswam’s last minute employmentwas a mockery on him and PDP and simultaneously a pit hole to the Dr Ortom’s administration.A mockery because he could not off the bulk-load of workers renumerations and accumulated pensions on account of lack of funds.Judging from his ststement ,how jutifiable and justiceable is his last minute appointments having being prior admonitory advise?Whatever is done in a rush is never done with good intent.In the light of that the governor can not be accused of unfairness should he nullify the employment.

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