Former Benue Governor Gabriel Suswam, Segun Aganga And PDP Chieftain Tony Anenih Flee #Nigeria

A Nigerian minister, Segun Aganga, PDP chieftain, Tony Anenih and the Former Governor of Benue state, Gabriel Suswam today departed Nigeria on a British Airways flight out of the Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport apparently to avoid getting caught. Continue Reading


11 thoughts on “Former Benue Governor Gabriel Suswam, Segun Aganga And PDP Chieftain Tony Anenih Flee #Nigeria”

  1. it is already an antagony 4 suswam and his devilish compatriots, they shall hv no peace, for the past 4years, no promotion to next class as well as legimate graduation from any public school. may de almighty god come 2 our aid, that ortom will be innocent nd be god fearing if at least like gov rabiu keankwaso.

  2. Lets 4gt d past nd fokus on d future, prayafuly trustin God 4d change we ar hopin 4. Also, may we nt overexpect 4rm dis presnt gvt, dey ar humams as wel. Dat i mean, dey can equaly make sme wrng decitns. Lets pray 4 God 2 do his wil tru dem.

  3. I think its high time in as much as our new president is trying his best to takle boko haram and other pressing needs, he has look into this unpaid salary stuff.
    If we are secured from boko haram but dead of hunger what will be our benefits.
    Bring back Suswam to come and explain.

  4. i am very happy dat i witness dis great change made in benue concernin leadership,but yet i have a quation on ground, what are de achievement made by de people we just voted in now, in benue? Bcos i know non of den was called 4rm farm to come and contest. Of what assistance or benefit are dere to us or ext personal interest we had on den? My brodas dis is de rigth time we are to do sometin. As 4 de 4mer govn gabriel suswam, i dont normally tolk abt him cos 4rm 2o7 to 2o11 he was wit no mistake, we rejected him of his second tenue ‘why’. Hon dr gabriel toruwa suswam i only please wit u to 4give benue state people wit deir bad desires.

  5. our 4mer minster what was ur efford made 4 ur people when u was a minster. Dr sent geoge akume his ex. Pls may someone help me ask him of his missions 4 people in benue state. 4 i see no efford made, not individuallybt to inetire masses.

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