Fresh Fulani Attack Claims 50 Lives in #Benue

Fulani insurgents wielding sophisticated weapons have again killed about 50 persons in another fresh attack on villages in Logo Local Government Area (LGA) of Benue State.

The attack which took place on Sunday claimed the lives of men, women, children and the aged in the three villages of Iorza, Per and Faga in Logo LG which is the LGA of the state governor, Gabriel Suswam. Continue Reading


7 thoughts on “Fresh Fulani Attack Claims 50 Lives in #Benue”

  1. pls my dear people of benue lets us not bring polities in this isues, let us take steps to settle this problem, this thing is beyond control now more over is our brethren that they are killing, they don,t know the pain but to me i fill the pain in my heart becouse our population is reducing. govt of benue if your not been able tackle these matter u people shoud forget with election in 2019 becouse we don,t know your work as govt, to rule is not to earn money but is to govern in good way and meet the demand of the poor mass, but so call leaders and politician in benue they won,t care to know whither they brothers are dieing .

  2. Why are our leaders not taking decision on the issues of fulani attacking & killing in benue state?

  3. So It Is Because Of Tiv People Thier Christians Hausa _fullani Are Trayin To Kil And Distroy Then All In Nigeria By Permition Of Thier Elders Inclodiny President Buhari

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